Legal Matters

The reviewing task for zbMATH is based on the following legal agreement.


The reviewer transfers onto FIZ Karlsruhe all exclusive exploitation rights relating to the reviews of zbMATH in printed or electronical form as well as the right for adaptation of the delivered reviews, these rights worldwide and for an indefinite period of time. The zbMATH editorial office of FIZ Karlsruhe is entitled to assigning these rights to third persons or to grant non-exclusive rights.

Storage of Personal Data

We notify that we store your address and your fields of interest electronically. These data are used exclusively by the editorial office in connection with your task as a reviewer for zbMATH.

Use Restrictions for Electronic Documents

E-books and articles that we make available to you electronically may only be used for reviewing purposes; in particular, legal regulations prohibit the circulation of these documents.

Depending on the publishers’ terms and conditions, the review copy may have to be deleted after submitting the review. For detailed information please see the cover page of the respective article.

Please read also our Guide for Reviewers, Newsletter.

For a printable version please go to our complete Guide for Reviewers in A4 or in Letter format.