swMATH ID: 10033
Software Authors: Koepf, W.; Swarttouw, R.
Description: CAOP: Computer Algebra and Orthogonal Polynomials. CAOP is a package for calculating formulas for orthogonal polynomials belonging to the Askey scheme by Maple (at present Maple 11). With the present version users can compute recurrence relations, differential and difference equations or make a plot of every polynomial in the Askey scheme, without having Maple installed on their own computer. It is also possible to multiply the polynomial by a scaling function, to change the argument and to give values to the parameters by filling out a form, before doing the calculation. As an extra option the user can choose the layout of the output: prettyprint, lineprint or LaTeX. The latter two options make it possible to insert the output in another Maple worksheet respectively in a LaTeX document by a simple mouse-action.
Homepage: http://pool-serv1.mathematik.uni-kassel.de/CAOP/
Related Software: retode; OPQ; DLMF; Mathematica; FPS; DEtools; SumTools; Maple; gfun; Netlib; ORTHPOL
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