swMATH ID: 10046
Software Authors: Janota, M., Lynce, I., Manquinho, V., Marques-Silva, J.
Description: PackUp: Tools for Package Upgradability Solving. This paper presents PackUp (PACKage UPgradability with Boolean formulations) a framework for solving the the software package upgradability problem . Earlier versions of the framework (cudf2msu,cudf2pbo) articipated in the 3rd MISC-live, an international competition organized by the European project MANCOOSI. The framework encodes the problem as a weighted partial MaxSAT formula and invokes a dedicated solver to solve the formula. The framework supports two types of solvers: weighted partia MaxSAT solvers and optimization pseudo-Boolean (OPB) solvers. The paper discusses the design of the framework and the specifcs of the problem encoding.
Homepage: http://sat.inesc-id.pt/~mikolas/sw/packup/
Related Software: Open-WBO; QMaxSAT; GlueMiniSat; Glucose; Sat4j
Cited in: 4 Publications

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