swMATH ID: 10097
Software Authors: Rolf Sulanke
Description: The software consists of two Mathematica notebooks, devoted to Euclidean curve- and surface theory, and five packages. The notebooks may be used as interactive textbooks of local elementary differential geometry. Two of the packages contain Alfred Gray’s catalogs of curves and surfaces, the other contain functions („miniprograms“) applied or developed in the notebooks. E. Cartan’s method of moving frames and Frenet formulas are explained. The presentation is influenced by W. Blaschke’s and H. Reichardt’s „Einführung in die Differentialgeometrie“ and A. Gray’s work about „Modern Differential Geometry“ using Mathematica. For Details see the homepage of the software.
Homepage: http://www-irm.mathematik.hu-berlin.de/~sulanke/diffgeo.html#EDG
Dependencies: Mathematica
Keywords: Euclidean differential geometry. Curves. Surfaces. Interactive textbook
Cited in: 0 Publications