WavBox 4

swMATH ID: 1012
Software Authors: Taswell, Carl
Description: WavBox 4.6 - A Software Toolbox for Wavelet Transforms and Adaptive Wavelet Packet Decompositions with FirWav Filter Library WavBox Software provides both a function library and a computing environment for wavelet transforms and adaptive wavelet packet decompositions. The software package contains 317 MATLAB m-files (approximately 1.4 MB uncompressed) implementing an extensive collection of these wavelet transforms, expansions, decompositions, wavelet filters, wavelets, and related functions. This function library performs multiresolution analyses of 1-D multichannel signals and 2-D images for arbitrary length and size data. MATLAB is a technical computing environment available from The MathWorks Inc.
Homepage: http://www.toolsmiths.com/Wavelet/WavBox
Dependencies: Matlab
Keywords: Wavelet Transforms; FirWav Filter Library
Related Software: Algorithm 735
Referenced in: 6 Publications

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