swMATH ID: 10148
Software Authors: Matthias Hein; Ulrike von Luxburg
Description: GRAPHDEMO: a Matlab GUI to explore similarity graphs and their use in machine learning. Many machine learning algorithms model local neighborhoods using similarity graphs: manifold methods for dimensionality reduction or data denoising, spectral clustering, label propagation for semi-supervised learning, and so on. However, for most of those algorithms it is pretty unclear which kind of similarity graph one should use, and how its parameters have to be chosen. To get some intuition about those questions we wrote the GraphDemo package. It aims to highlight the behavior of different kinds of similarity graphs and to demonstrate their influence on the outcome of machine learning algorithms. The package currently contains three different parts: ...
Homepage: http://www.ml.uni-saarland.de/code/GraphDemo/GraphDemo.htm
Dependencies: Matlab
Related Software: Matlab
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1 Simovici, Dan A.

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