swMATH ID: 10184
Software Authors: Marik, R
Description: ocgtools – Manipulate OCG layers in PDF presentations. The pack­age pro­vides the means to in­sert OGC (Op­tional Group Con­tent, com­monly known as lay­ers) into PDF pre­sen­ta­tions. This al­lows the user to in­sert any TeX ma­te­rial into sep­a­rate lay­ers in a PDF doc­u­ment and also in­sert links which tog­gle these lay­ers on and off. Parts of the PDF doc­u­ment, such as for­mat­ted text, ta­bles, maths for­mu­las or graph­ics may be switched to vis­i­ble or in­vis­i­ble state by click­ing ac­tive links or but­tons.
Homepage: http://ctan.org/pkg/ocgtools
Related Software: LaTeX; MaxTract; Mathematica; Maple
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