swMATH ID: 10262
Software Authors: Community Z Tools Project
Description: Z/EVES Eclipse prover IDE. Community Z Tools provide an Eclipse-based IDE and integration with Z/EVES theorem prover. This extends the development of Z specifications in CZT with theorem proving and verification capabilities. Z/EVES Eclipse provides a modern environment to use the Z/EVES theorem prover. It is an alternative to the original Z/EVES UI, which is no longer in development and has issues when used with modern operating systems. Z/EVES Eclipse brings the Z/EVES theorem prover to a modern IDE and supports all Z/EVES functionality: writing and sending proof commands to the prover, viewing proof output, querying lemmas, section management, etc.
Homepage: http://czt.sourceforge.net/eclipse/zeves/
Related Software: Z; ProofPower; Circus; Coq; JML; ProB; Alloy; PVS; FDR2; SPIN; TPTP; Isabelle/HOL; CZT; SPARK; Cardinal; Mace4; Prover9; Why3; RelView; Isabelle
Cited in: 35 Publications

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