swMATH ID: 10378
Software Authors: Patrick Laug; Houman Borouchaki; INRIA Rocquencourt
Description: BL2D-V2 adaptive mesher: This software package stems from a former one called BL2D-V1. The meshing method is of controled Delaunay type, isotropic or anisotropic. The internal point generation follows a frontal logic, and their connection is realised as in a classical Delaunay approach. Quadrilaterals are obtained by a pairing process. The direct construction of degree 2 element has been made possible via the control of the domain boundary mesh, in order to ensure the desired compatibility. The boundary middle nodes are located according to the curvilinear abscissa. The internal middle nodes are, by default, at the middle of the corresponding edges.
Homepage: https://www-roc.inria.fr/gamma/Patrick.Laug/logiciels/bl2d-v2/INDEX.html
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