swMATH ID: 1043
Software Authors: Mazzeo, M.D.; Coveney, P.V.
Description: HemeLB: A high performance parallel lattice-Boltzmann code for large scale fluid flow in complex geometries. We describe a parallel lattice-Boltzmann code for efficient simulation of fluid flow in complex geometries. The lattice-Boltzmann model and the structure of the code are discussed. The fluid solver is highly optimized and the resulting computational core is very fast. Furthermore, communication is minimized and the novel topology-aware domain decomposition technique is shown to be very effective for large systems, allowing us to tune code execution in geographically distributed cross-site simulations. The benchmarks presented indicate that very high performance can be achieved.
Homepage: http://spruce.teragrid.org/docs/HemeLB-SC07-Web.pdf
Keywords: lattice-Boltzmann; computer simulations; parallel computing; fluid dynamics; complex systems
Related Software: MUPHY; Palabos; LUDWIG; OpenLB; CUDA; Spalart-Allmaras; npFEM; MUSCLE-HPC; VLADYMIR; Hemocell; LBDEMcoupling; SpecuLOOS; AMBER; ACEMD; Scotch; METIS; NAMD; Sailfish; MPI; GTS
Cited in: 12 Publications

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