swMATH ID: 10467
Software Authors: Urbanek, S.
Description: Rserve: a fast way to provide R functionality to applications. Rserve is a TCP/IP server which allows other programs to use facilities of R (see www.r-project.org) from various languages without the need to initialize R or link against R library. Every connection has a separate workspace and working directory. Client-side implementations are available for popular languages such as C/C++, PHP and Java. Rserve supports remote connection, authentication and file transfer. Typical use is to integrate R backend for computation of statstical models, plots etc. in other applications.
Homepage: http://rforge.net/Rserve/
Source Code:  https://github.com/cran/Rserve
Related Software: R; Rcpp; rJava; RInside; CRAN; RPy; RinRuby; inline; CXXR; RcppArmadillo; RProtoBuf; RcppGSL; RQuantLib; RcppClassic; iplots; JGR; rApache; rpy2; OpenCPU; Bioconductor
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