swMATH ID: 10507
Software Authors: Studer, Matthias; Ritschard, Gilbert; Gabadinho, Alexis; Müller, Nicolas S.
Description: TraMineR: Trajectory miner: a toolbox for exploring and rendering sequence data. This package is a toolbox for sequence manipulation, description, rendering and more generally the mining of sequence data in the field of social sciences. Though it is primarily intended for analyzing state or event sequences that describe life courses such as family formation histories or professional careers its features also apply to many other kinds of categorical sequence data. It accepts many different sequence representations as input and provides tools for translating sequences from one format to another. It offers several statistical functions for describing and rendering sequences, for computing distances between sequences with different metrics among which optimal matching, the longest common prefix and the longest common subsequence, and simple functions for extracting the most frequent subsequences and identifying the most discriminating ones among them. A user’s guide can be found on the TraMineR web page.
Homepage: http://cran.r-project.org/web/packages/TraMineR/index.html
Source Code:  https://github.com/cran/TraMineR
Dependencies: R
Keywords: distance; dissimilarities; analysis of variance; decision tree; tree structured ANOVA; state sequence; optimal matching
Related Software: R; Stata; cluster (R); depmixS4; SADI; FastDTW; proxy; Bioconductor; dtw; TDA; RColorBrewer; VLMC; PST; WeightedCluster; clickstream; MixSim; HiddenMarkov; ClickClust; sqtab; confreq
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Analyzing and Visualizing State Sequences in R with TraMineR Link
Alexis Gabadinho; Gilbert Ritschard; Nicolas Müller; Matthias Studer
Discrepancy analysis of complex objects using dissimilarities. Zbl 1202.68361
Studer, Matthias; Ritschard, Gilbert; Gabadinho, Alexis; Müller, Nicolas S.

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