swMATH ID: 10530
Software Authors: Robertson, B.L.; Brown, J.A.; Mcdonald, T.; Jaksons, P.
Description: BAS: Balanced Acceptance Sampling of natural resources. To design an efficient survey or monitoring program for a natural resource it is important to consider the spatial distribution of the resource. Generally, sample designs that are spatially balanced are more efficient than designs which are not. A spatially balanced design selects a sample that is evenly distributed over the extent of the resource. In this article we present a new spatially balanced design that can be used to select a sample from discrete and continuous populations in multi-dimensional space. The design, which we call balanced acceptance sampling, utilizes the Halton sequence to assure spatial diversity of selected locations. Targeted inclusion probabilities are achieved by acceptance sampling. The BAS design is conceptually simpler than competing spatially balanced designs, executes faster, and achieves better spatial balance as measured by a number of quantities. The algorithm has been programed in an R package freely available for download.
Homepage: http://onlinelibrary.wiley.com/doi/10.1111/biom.12059/abstract
Dependencies: R
Keywords: environmental sampling; halton sequence; spatially balanced sampling; unequal probability sampling
Related Software: R
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