swMATH ID: 10599
Software Authors: Long, Kevin R.
Description: Sundance rapid prototyping tool for parallel PDE optimization. High-performance algorithms for partial differential equation (PDE)-constrained optimization often require application of operators and solution of systems of equations that are different from those used in a single solution of the PDE; consequently, exploration of a research idea entails startup costs for modification to the PDE solver. A software tool to enable rapid development of parallel codes for large-scale complex PDEs on realistic problems would be a useful aid to research in this area. As part of Sandia’s research efforts in PDE-constrained optimization, we are developing Sundance, an environment in which a parallel PDE solver is accessed via a high-level problem description, using abstract concepts such as functions, operators, and regions. With this high-level problem description, it is possible to specify a variational formulation of a PDE and its discretization method in a small amount of user-level code. It is then straightforward to obtain operators such as Jacobians and Hessians for use in optimization algorithms.
Homepage: http://link.springer.com/chapter/10.1007%2F978-3-642-55508-4_20
Keywords: parallel computation; Poisson equation; Galerkin method; numerical example; High-performance algorithms; PDE-constrained optimization; Sundance
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Sundance rapid prototyping tool for parallel PDE optimization. Zbl 1063.65125
Long, Kevin R.

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