swMATH ID: 10660
Software Authors: Liu H, Singh P; Havasi, C., Speer, R., Alonso, J.
Description: ConceptNet: a practical commonsense reasoning toolkit. ConceptNet is a freely available commonsense knowledge base and natural-language-processing tool-kit which supports many practical textual-reasoning tasks over real-world documents including topic-gisting, analogy-making, and other context oriented inferences. The knowledge base is a semantic network presently consisting of over 1.6 million assertions of commonsense knowledge encompassing the spatial, physical, social, temporal, and psychological aspects of everyday life. ConceptNet is generated automatically from the 700 000 sentences of the Open Mind Common Sense Project — a World Wide Web based collaboration with over 14 000 authors
Homepage: http://conceptnet.io/
Source Code:  https://github.com/commonsense/conceptnet5
Related Software: WordNet; YAGO; BERT; BabelNet; word2vec; RoBERTa; GloVe; SenticNet; XLNet; Transformers; SentiWordNet; CIDEr; E-KRHyper; VerbNet; ALBERT; Freebase; GPT-3; BART; ProBase; DBpedia
Cited in: 20 Publications

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