swMATH ID: 10707
Software Authors: Binkert, N.; Beckmann, B.; Black, G.; Reinhardt, S. K.; Saidi, A.; Basu, A.; Hestness, J.; Hower, D. R.; Krishna, T.; Sardashti, S.; Sen, R.; Sewell, K.; Shoaib, M.; Vaish, N.; Hill, M. D.; Wood, D. A.
Description: The gem5 Simulator System. A modular platform for computer system architecture research. The gem5 simulator is a modular platform for computer system architecture research, encompassing system-level architecture as well as processor microarchitecture.
Homepage: http://www.gem5.org/Main_Page
Related Software: PARSEC; Crab-llvm; KLEE; SMACK; CacheSim; CANAL; PALLOC; Proteus; ThyNVM; NOVA; FPTree; WORT; DudeTM; WHISPER; EDO; SoftWrAP; ATOM; Mnemosyne; NICO; SPLASH-2
Cited in: 7 Documents
Further Publications: http://www.gem5.org/Publications

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