swMATH ID: 10740
Software Authors: M. Sala, K. Stanley, M. Heroux
Description: Amesos is a set of C++ interfaces to serial and parallel sparse direct solvers. Amesos contains two nice sparse solvers: KLU and Paraklete. KLU is serial, while Paraklete (distributed with Trilinos 7.0 or higher) is a parallel solver. Amesos also offers an interface to LAPACK, and several other well-know solvers available on the web. The main idea of Amesos is to give a high-level view of direct solvers, as composed by four main phases: specification of parameters; initialization of the solver, using matrix sparsity only; computation of the factors; solution of the linear system. ...
Homepage: http://trilinos.org/packages/amesos/
Related Software: Trilinos; IFPACK; Aztec; AztecOO; PETSc; hypre; ML; SuperLU; Matlab; Gmsh; VAC; CSparse; ALEGRA; IRMHD; METIS; Epetra; PyTrilinos; SWIG; ScaLAPACK; ROL
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