swMATH ID: 10754
Software Authors: Monjoie, F.S.; Garnir, H.P.
Description: Fit of a sum of exponential functions to experimental data points. Expfit is a program aimed at the analysis of light decay curves in beam-foil spectroscopy experiments. It fits, using the least squares method, a sum of exponential functions to experimental data points. A new technique, based on statistical tests, has been implemented to find the best number of parameters so that in most cases the fit is fully automatized. However, the user may give the initial parameters and determine the number of parameters to be adjusted or let Expfit find the best number of needed parameters. Expfit can print a report presenting the results of the fit under tabular and graphical format. Thanks to its graphic interface, built following the Apple Macintosh human interface guidelines, the program is easy to use.
Homepage: http://www.sciencedirect.com/science/article/pii/001046559390101H
Keywords: curve fitting; Expfit; program; light decay curves; spectroscopy; least squares method; sum of exponential functions; experimental data; statistical tests
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