swMATH ID: 1077
Software Authors: Willé, David R.; Baker, Christopher T.H.
Description: DELSOL – a numerical code for the solution of systems of delay- differential equations. Delay-differential equations arise widely in many fields of science and engineering. In this paper we present an overview of a general purpose code DELSOL written to solve systems of such equations. Special attention is given to the program’s organisation and design. A number of numerical examples are also presented alongside a number of technical observations pertinent to the design of delay-differential software.
Homepage: http://portal.acm.org/citation.cfm?id=138454.138459
Keywords: initial value problems; systems of delay-differential equations; general purpose code DELSOL; numerical results
Related Software: dde23; Matlab; DKLAG6; BVPh; ddesd; bvp4c; DIFSUB; MINUIT; IMSL Numerical Libraries
Cited in: 25 Publications

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