swMATH ID: 10805
Software Authors: Barberio, Elisabetta; van Eijk, Bob; Wa̧s, Zbigniew
Description: Photos - a universal Monte Carlo for QED radiative corrections in decays. Nature of problem: Most of the decay modes of particles or resonances are accompanied by the QED real photon corrections. The presence of (a) hard photon(s) may affect the shape of the measured distributions, detection efficiencies and/or experimental selection criteria. Solution method: The Monte Carlo simulation is best suited for studying the combined process of production and decay of unstable particles, including QED corrections and detector effciencies
Homepage: http://www.cpc.cs.qub.ac.uk/summaries/ABZI_v2_0.html
Keywords: quantum electrodynamics; Monte Carlo simulation; single-photon radiative corrections in decays; algorithm; heavy leptons; resonances; particle decays; leading-log approximations
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Cited in: 14 Publications

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