swMATH ID: 10813
Software Authors: Plummer, M.; McCann, J.F.; Madsen, L.Bojer
Description: The calculation of multiphoton ionization rates of the hydrogen molecular ion. We present the Floquet method of calculation of multiphoton ionization rates from the dressed σ g + and σ u + states of H 2 + . Our software allows a determination of ionization rates for a range of laser frequencies, intensities and internuclear separations. The theoretical method is discussed and instructions for use of the accompanying computer program, which also produces ionization rates for DC field ionization, are given.
Homepage: http://www.cpc.cs.qub.ac.uk/summaries/ADIZ_v1_0.html
Keywords: H\(^+_2\); multiphoton ionization; dissociative ionization; laser field; DC field; Floquet quasienergies; Floquet vectors; electron density function
Related Software: ARPACK
Cited in: 2 Publications

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