swMATH ID: 10821
Software Authors: Korelc, J.
Description: AceGen: Multi-language, Multi-environment Numerical Code Generation. The Mathematica package AceGen is used for the automatic derivation of formulae needed in numerical procedures. An approach, implemented in AceGen, avoids the problem of expression swell by combining: symbolic and algebraic capabilities of Mathematica, automatic differentiation technique, automatic code generation and simultaneous optimization of expressions. The multi-language capabilities of AceGen (C, FORTRAN, Mathematica©, Matlab©,..) enable generation of numerical codes for various numerical environments (AceFEM, Matlab©, FEAP©, ABAQUS©, ... ) from the same symbolic description. AceGen alone does NOT include examples and libraries needed for the automation of the Finite Element Method!
Homepage: http://www.fgg.uni-lj.si/Symech/
Dependencies: Mathematica
Related Software: AceFEM; Mathematica; SMS; FINGER; HYPLAS; ADIC; FEAP; ABAQUS; GitHub; DACE; Elfen; CTADEL; PITCON; SC Toolbox; XFEM; Schwarz-Christoffel; FreeFem++; SEPRAN; Python; ADMIT
Cited in: 43 Publications

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