swMATH ID: 10872
Software Authors: Marais, Magdaleen S.; Steenpaß, Andreas
Description: The classification of real singularities using Singular. I: Splitting lemma and simple singularities. We present algorithms to classify isolated hypersurface singularities over the real numbers according to the classification by V. I. Arnold (Arnold et al., 1985). This first part covers the splitting lemma and the simple singularities; a second and a third part will be devoted to the unimodal singularities up to corank 2. All algorithms are implemented in the Singular library realclassify.lib (Marais and Steenpaß, 2012).
Homepage: http://www.singular.uni-kl.de/Manual/4-0-0/sing_2084.htm
Dependencies: Singular
Keywords: hypersurface singularities; algorithmic classification; real geometry
Related Software: realclassify.lib; SINGULAR; primdec; grobcov.lib; rootsur.lib; classify.lib
Cited in: 2 Documents

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