swMATH ID: 10892
Software Authors: Claesen, Marc; De Smet, Frank; Suykens, Johan A.K.; De Moor, Bart
Description: EnsembleSVM: a library for ensemble learning using support vector machines. EnsembleSVM is a free software package containing efficient routines to perform ensemble learning with support vector machine (SVM) base models. It currently offers ensemble methods based on binary SVM models. Our implementation avoids duplicate storage and evaluation of support vectors which are shared between constituent models. Experimental results show that using ensemble approaches can drastically reduce training complexity while maintaining high predictive accuracy. The EnsembleSVM software package is freely available online at esat.kuleuven.be/stadius/ensemblesvm.
Homepage: http://homes.esat.kuleuven.be/~claesenm/ensemblesvm/
Keywords: ensemble learning; support vector machine; bagging
Related Software: LIBSVM; R; GURLS; Kernlab; BudgetedSVM; Matlab; CUDA; SVMlight; liquidSVM; UCI-ml; ProDiGe; LIBLINEAR
Cited in: 2 Publications

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