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Software Authors: Benner, Peter; Mehrmann, Volker; Sima, Vasile; Van Huffel, Sabine; Varga, Andras
Description: The subroutine library SLICOT provides Fortran 77 implementations of numerical algorithms for computations in systems and control theory. Based on numerical linear algebra routines from BLAS and LAPACK libraries, SLICOT provides methods for the design and analysis of control systems. The basic ideas behind the library are:
1. usefulness of algorithms; 2. robustness, algorithms must either return reliable results or an error or warning indicator; 3. numerical stability and accuracy: the results are as good as can be expected when working at a given precision. If possible an estimate of the achieved accuracy should be given; 4. performance with respect to speed and memory requirements. Although important because of ever increasing complexity of control problems, this objective may never be met at cost of the two previous ones; 5. portability and reusability: the library should be independent of platforms; 6. standardisation: the library is based on rigorous programming and documentation standards; 7. benchmarking, i.e., a standardised set of examples that allows an evaluation of the performance of a method as well as the implementation with respect to correctness, accuracy, and speed. Benchmarking gives also insight in the behaviour of the method and its implementation in extreme situations, i.e., for problems where the limit of the possible accuracy is reached.
Homepage: http://www.slicot.org/index.php?site=slicot
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