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Software Authors: Knowles, Joshua; Hughes, Evan J.
Description: Multiobjective optimization on a budget of 250 evaluations. In engineering and other ‘real-world’ applications, multiobjective optimization problems must frequently be tackled on a tight evaluation budget – tens or hundreds of function evaluations, rather than thousands. In this paper, we investigate two algorithms that use advanced initialization and search strategies to operate better under these conditions. The first algorithm, Bin_MSOPS, uses a binary search tree to divide up the decision space, and tries to sample from the largest empty regions near ‘fit’ solutions. The second algorithm, ParEGO, begins with solutions in a latin hypercube and updates a Gaussian processes surrogate model of the search landscape after every function evaluation, which it uses to estimate the solution of largest expected improvement. The two algorithms are tested using a benchmark suite of nine functions of two and three objectives – on a budget of only 250 function evaluations each, in total. Results indicate that the two algorithms search the space in very different ways and this can be used to understand performance differences. Both algorithms perform well but ParEGO comes out on top in seven of the nine test cases after 100 function evaluations, and on six after the first 250 evaluations.
Homepage: http://link.springer.com/chapter/10.1007/978-3-540-31880-4_13
Keywords: multiobjective optimization; expensive black-box functions; ParEGO; DACE; Bin_MSOPS; landscape approximation; response surfaces; test suites
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