swMATH ID: 11028
Software Authors: van Valkenhoef, G., Tervonen, T., Zwinkels, T., de Brock, B., Hillege, H.
Description: ADDIS: A decision support system for evidence-based medicine. Aggregate Data Drug Information System (ADDIS) is an evidence-based decision support system for health care policy decision making that concerns alternative treatment options. ADDIS 2 is currently under heavy development and far from feature complete. Our goal is for ADDIS 2 to become a platform on which researchers can collaborate to perform systematic reviews, data extraction, evidence synthesis and decision analysis. We believe that such an integrated system can improve the efficiency and transparency of systematic review and health care policy decision making by several orders of magnitude. Efficiency can be improved by facilitating easier and more meaningful sharing of data and meta-data, while transparency will be enhanced by linking decisions to the underlying value judgments and clinical data.
Homepage: https://drugis.org/software/addis2/index
Related Software: PREFDIS; VisualUTA; pmml; J-MCDA; JSMAA; rapidminer; diviz; OSiL
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