swMATH ID: 11074
Software Authors: J. B. Bjorner, K. J. Smith, C. Stone, X. Sun
Description: IRTFIT: A Macro for Item Fit and Local Dependence Tests Under IRT Models. This SAS macro will produce a variety of indices for testing the fit of item response theory (IRT) models to dichotomous and polytomous item response data. The macro does not perform estimation of item parameters, but requires that the item parameters have been estimated in IRT model software programs (e.g., MULTILOG, PARSCALE, BILOG, OPLM, WINSTEPS).
Homepage: http://coeweb.gsu.edu/coshima/EPRS8410/IRTFIT/irtfit_macro_users_guide.pdf
Dependencies: SAS
Related Software: eRm; R; IRTLRDIF; Stata; ltm; DIFAS; PARSCALE; Design; lordif; AnaQol; WINSTEPS; ConQuest; RUMM; SAS
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1 Christensen, Karl Bang

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1 Statistics (62-XX)

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