swMATH ID: 11103
Software Authors: Bernard W. Silverman
Description: R package EbayesThresh: Empirical Bayes Thresholding and Related Methods. This package carries out Empirical Bayes thresholding using the methods developed by I. M. Johnstone and B. W. Silverman. The basic problem is to estimate a mean vector given a vector of observations of the mean vector plus white noise, taking advantage of possible sparsity in the mean vector. Within a Bayesian formulation, the elements of the mean vector are modelled as having, independently, a distribution that is a mixture of an atom of probability at zero and a suitable heavy-tailed distribution. The mixing parameter can be estimated by a marginal maximum likelihood approach. This leads to an adaptive thresholding approach on the original data. Extensions of the basic method, in particular to wavelet thresholding, are also implemented within the package.
Homepage: http://cran.r-project.org/web/packages/EbayesThresh/index.html
Source Code:  https://github.com/cran/EbayesThresh
Dependencies: R
Related Software: EBayesThresh; R; wavethresh; Mosek; REBayes; Rmosek; Waveslim; GitHub; ebnm; flashier; microbenchmark; trust; deconvolveR; mixsqp; ashr; horseshoe; png; colorRamps; treethresh; CVTresh
Cited in: 12 Publications

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