swMATH ID: 11166
Software Authors: Matt Ward; Elke Rundensteiner; ...
Description: XmdvTool is a public-domain software package for the interactive visual exploration of multivariate data sets. It is available on all major platforms such as UNIX, LINUX, MAC and Windows. XmdvTool is developed using Qt and Eclipse CDT. It supports five methods for displaying flat form data and hierarchically clustered data: Scatterplots; Star Glyphs; Parallel Coordinates; Dimensional Stacking; Pixel-oriented Display ...
Homepage: http://davis.wpi.edu/xmdv/
Related Software: MANET; UCI-ml; itsmr; Polaris; GAUGUIN; XGobi; Prefuse; Orca; Mondrian; SPSS; GGobi; DAVIS
Referenced in: 4 Publications

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