swMATH ID: 11250
Software Authors: Afzal, Deeba; Binyamin, Muhammad Ahsan; Janjua, Faira Kanwal
Description: On the classification of simple singularities in positive characteristic The aim of the article is to describe the classification of simple isolated hypersurface singularities over a field of positive characteristic by certain invariants without computing the normal form. We also give a description of the algorithms to compute the classification which we have implemented in the Singular libraries classifyCeq.lib and classifyReq.lib.
Homepage: http://www.anstuocmath.ro/mathematics/vol22-2/Afzal_D.__Binyamin_M.A.__Janjua_F.K..pdf
Dependencies: Singular
Keywords: simple singularity; normal form; contact equivalent; right equivalent
Related Software: classifyCeq.lib; SINGULAR
Cited in: 2 Documents

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