swMATH ID: 11251
Software Authors: Aarseth, Sverre
Description: Adapting NBODY4 with a GRAPE-6a Supercomputer for Web Access, Using NBodyLab. ... NBODY4 is a sophisticated open-source N-body code for high accuracy simulations of dense stellar systems (Aarseth 2003). In 2004, NBODY4 was successfully tested with a GRAPE-6a, yielding an unprecedented low-cost tool for astrophysical research.
Homepage: http://sverre.com/index.php?page=intro
Related Software: NBODY6; Taylor; ATOMFT; Cosy; NEMO; Chebfun; GenASPI; ParaSails; TRIPLE
Cited in: 18 Documents
Further Publications: http://sverre.com/index.php?page=biblio

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