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Software Authors: NVIDIA
Description: This document describes cuFFT, the NVIDIA® CUDA™ Fast Fourier Transform (FFT) product. It consists of two separate libraries: cuFFT and cuFFTW. The cuFFT library is designed to provide high performance on NVIDIA GPUs. The cuFFTW library is provided as a porting tool to enable users of FFTW to start using NVIDIA GPUs with a minimum amount of effort. The FFT is a divide-and-conquer algorithm for efficiently computing discrete Fourier transforms of complex or real-valued data sets. It is one of the most important and widely used numerical algorithms in computational physics and general signal processing. The cuFFT library provides a simple interface for computing FFTs on an NVIDIA GPU, which allows users to quickly leverage the floating-point power and parallelism of the GPU in a highly optimized and tested FFT library. The cuFFT product supports a wide range of FFT inputs and options efficiently on NVIDIA GPUs. This version of the cuFFT library supports the following features: ...
Homepage: http://docs.nvidia.com/cuda/cufft/#axzz3TKKXa47U
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