swMATH ID: 11267
Software Authors: Wu, Yongwei; Liao, Weidong; Lin, Dongdai; Wang, Paul S.
Description: Local and remote user interface for ELIMINO through OMEI. ELIMINO is a new computer-mathematics research system developed to support Wu’s method for computing characteristic sets of polynomials and other related operations. By implementing OMEI as its application programming interface, ELIMINO could make itself IAMC compliant, gain access to the graphical user interface Dragonfly locally and remotely, and provide interoperability with other OMEI compliant tools, such as scientific editors and word processing systems, with minimal efforts.
Homepage: http://ww1.ucmss.com/books/LFS/CSREA2006/CSC3111.pdf
Keywords: ELIMINO
Related Software: SACLIB; OMEI; DisCAS; CAS/PI
Cited in: 6 Publications

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