swMATH ID: 11300
Software Authors: A. R. Gilmour, B. J. Gogel, B. R. Cullis and R. Thompson
Description: ASReml is a statistical package that fits linear mixed models using Residual Maximum Likelihood (REML). It is a joint venture between the Biometrics Program of NSW Department of Primary Industries and the Biomathematics Unit of Rothamsted Research. Statisticians in Britain and Australia have collaborated in its development.
Homepage: http://www.vsni.co.uk/software/asreml/
Related Software: R; GenStat; SAS; SASmixed; WinBUGS; nlme; lme4; SemiPar; MLwiN; TASSEL; QTL Express; qtl; wgaim; S-PLUS; gss; AMTIER; SAS/STAT; fda (R); HLM; dhglm
Cited in: 22 Publications

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