swMATH ID: 11328
Software Authors: Mansfield, E. L.
Description: diffgrob2 is a MAPLE package to simplify overdetermined systems of nonlinear differential equations of polynomial type. The algorithms are based on those by Buchberger for a Gröbner basis of a polynomial ideal. This package is no longer being maintained and is not at present available for public use. Packages which perform related functions are Maple’s diffalg package maintained by Evelyne Hubert, and the Maple package rif which is available from Allan Wittkopf’s home page.
Homepage: http://www.kent.ac.uk/smsas/personal/elm2/index.html
Dependencies: Maple
Related Software: SYMMGRP; SYMMGRP.MAX; Maple; CRACK; LIEPDE; LIE; DAISY; GeM; Rif; BLAD; SADE; SYMMAN; REDUCE; CANONIK; SPLIT; CRACKSTAR; SPDE; Mathematica; DifferentialAlgebra; ObservabilityTest
Referenced in: 53 Publications

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