swMATH ID: 11337
Software Authors: Berven, F. S.; Flikka, K.; Jensen, H. B.; Eidhammer, I.
Description: BOMP: a program to predict integral β-barrel outer membrane proteins encoded within genomes of Gram-negative bacteria. This work describes the development of a program that predicts whether or not a polypeptide sequence from a Gram-negative bacterium is an integral β-barrel outer membrane protein. The program, called the β-barrel Outer Membrane protein Predictor (BOMP), is based on two separate components to recognize integral β-barrel proteins. The first component is a C-terminal pattern typical of many integral β-barrel proteins. The second component calculates an integral β-barrel score of the sequence based on the extent to which the sequence contains stretches of amino acids typical of transmembrane β-strands. The precision of the predictions was found to be 80
Homepage: http://services.cbu.uib.no/tools/bomp
Related Software: BLAST; PSI-BLAST; PROFtmb; TMB-Hunt; Psortb; PRED-TMBB; LOCSVMPSI
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