swMATH ID: 11340
Software Authors: Mcguffin, L. J.; Bryson, K.; Jones, D. T.
Description: The PSIPRED protein structure prediction server. The PSIPRED protein structure prediction server allows users to submit a protein sequence, perform a prediction of their choice and receive the results of the prediction both textually via e-mail and graphically via the web. The user may select one of three prediction methods to apply to their sequence: PSIPRED, a highly accurate secondary structure prediction method; MEMSAT 2, a new version of a widely used transmembrane topology prediction method; or GenTHREADER, a sequence profile based fold recognition method. Availability: Freely available to non-commercial users at http://globin.bio.warwick.ac.uk/psipred/
Homepage: http://bioinformatics.oxfordjournals.org/content/16/4/404.short
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