swMATH ID: 11365
Software Authors: Attarakih, M. M.; Bart, H. J.; Steinmetz, T.; Dietzen, M.; Faqir, N. M.
Description: LLECMOD (Liquid-Liquid Extraction Column Module) is a windows based program that is developed (Attarakih et al., 2006, 2008) to simulate liquid extraction columns. Liquid-liquid extraction is an important separation processes encountered in many chemical process industries. Due to its complex hydrodynamic nature (caused by droplet interactions (namely: breakage and coalescence), detailed modelling on a discrete level is needed using the population balance equation as a mathematical framework. Simulation of liquid–liquid extraction columns based on a droplet population balance approach provides a useful means for getting more insight into the transient and steady state column behaviour. A comprehensive model for predicting the interacting hydrodynamics and mass transfer is formulated on the basis of a spatially distributed population balance equation in terms of the bivariate number density function with respect to droplet diameter and solute concentration. The two macro- (droplet breakage and coalescence) and micro-(interphase mass transfer) droplet phenomena are allowed to interact through the dispersion interfacial tension. The resulting model is composed of a system of integro-partial differential and algebraic equations that are dominated by convection, and hence it calls for a specialized discretization approach. Under the frame work of the developed model the steady state and dynamic performance of extraction columns can be investigated taking into account the effect of dispersed phase inlet (light or heavy phase is dispersed) and the direction of mass transfer (from continuous to dispersed phase and vice versa).
Homepage: http://www.mv.uni-kl.de/en/tvt/tvtforschung/extraction/llecmod-an-effective-simulation-tool-for-liquid-extraction-columns-using-bivariate-population-balance/
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