swMATH ID: 11374
Software Authors: A. M. Loening; S. S. Gambhir
Description: AMIDE: a free software tool for multimodality medical image analysis. Amide’s a Medical Image Data Examiner (AMIDE) has been developed as a user-friendly, open-source software tool for displaying and analyzing multimodality volumetric medical images. Central to the package’s abilities to simultaneously display multiple data sets (e.g., PET, CT, MRI) and regions of interest is the on-demand data reslicing implemented within the program. Data sets can be freely shifted, rotated, viewed, and analyzed with the program automatically handling interpolation as needed from the original data. Validation has been performed by comparing the output of AMIDE with that of several existing software packages. AMIDE runs on UNIX, Macintosh OS X, and Microsoft Windows platforms, and it is freely available with source code under the terms of the GNU General Public License.
Homepage: http://amide.sourceforge.net
Related Software: IrfanView; MicroDicom; OsiriX
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