swMATH ID: 11467
Software Authors: Hwang, Heungsun; Takane, Yoshio
Description: GeSCA is a web-based software program for generalized structured component analysis that represents a component-based approach to structural equation modeling. This program provides a graphical user interface that allows users to easily express their model as a path diagram and to view the estimates of model parameters. GeSCA is free of charge and capable of analyzing up to 1000 cases and 100 observed variables. GeSCA currently enables users to: use Microsoft® Excel (.xls or .xlsx) data files. conduct all single-group analyses of user-specified structural equation models. use the bootstrap method to estimate the standard errors of parameter estimates. specify both reflective and formative indicators. impose user-defined or equality constraints on loadings and path coefficients. conduct all multi-group analyses with the optional imposition of cross-group constraints. deal with missing observations via three different procedures. handle second-order latent variables in single-group analyses.
Homepage: http://www.sem-gesca.org/
Related Software: SmartPLS; XLStat; LVPLS; RGCCA; PLS-Graph; R; LISREL; Kernlab; cbsem; MDI; bootstrap; matrixpls; AFMULT; fda (R); Excel
Cited in: 9 Publications
Further Publications: http://www.sem-gesca.org/reference.php

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