swMATH ID: 11538
Software Authors: Eick, Bettina; Horn, Max
Description: The construction of finite solvable groups revisited. We describe a new approach towards the systematic construction of finite groups up to isomorphism. This approach yields a practical algorithm for the construction of finite solvable groups up to isomorphism. We report on a GAP implementation of this method for finite solvable groups and exhibit some sample applications.
Homepage: http://arxiv.org/pdf/1306.4239v2.pdf
Dependencies: GAP
Keywords: finite solvable groups; extensions; classification; enumeration; small groups; algorithms
Related Software: SmallGroups Library; GAP; AutPGrp; Pnqporc; LiePRing; Genss; FGA; Polycyclic; ANUPQ; SglPPow; GrpConst
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The construction of finite solvable groups revisited. Zbl 1311.20016
Eick, Bettina; Horn, Max

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