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Software Authors: Core-Plus Mathematics Project
Description: CPMP-Tools® Software. The Core-Plus Mathematics curriculum, by design, incorporates the Common Core State Standards (CCSS) Mathematical Practices into each lesson. In particular, for students to develop the disposition toward and proficiency with the CCSS Mathematical Practice of using appropriate tools strategically, they will need to have access to technological tools both in school and outside of school. CPMP-Tools public-domain software provides that access. Scroll down to see more information about and sample screens from CPMP-Tools. CPMP-Tools is a suite of both general purpose tools and custom apps designed to support student investigation and problem solving in the CCSS edition Core-Plus Mathematics texts. Check back periodically for software updates and helpful tutorial videos.
Homepage: http://wmich.edu/cpmp/CPMP-Tools/
Related Software: Mathematica
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Further Publications: http://wmich.edu/cpmp/bibliography.html