swMATH ID: 1167
Software Authors: N. Sanna, I. Baccarelli, G. Morelli
Description: SCELib3.0: the new revision of SCELib, the parallel computational library of molecular properties in the Single Center Approach
Homepage: http://cpc.cs.qub.ac.uk/summaries/ADMG_v3_0.html
Programming Languages: C. Compilers used: xlc V8.x, Intel C V10.x, Portland Group V7.x, nvcc V2.x.
Operating Systems: SUNOS, IBM AIX, Linux RedHat (Enterprise), Linux SuSE (SLES).
Keywords: Single Center Expansion Library, SCE molecular properties, electronmolecule scattering.
Related Software: GAUSSIAN; SCELib
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1 Baccarelli, I.
1 Sanna, N.

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1 Computer Physics Communications

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