swMATH ID: 11878
Software Authors: Andrews, George E.; Paule, Peter; Riese, Axel
Description: Omega is a Mathematica implementation of MacMahon’s Partition Analysis carried out by Axel Riese, a Postdoc of the RISC Combinatorics group. It has been developed together with George E. Andrews and Peter Paule within the frame of a project initiated by Andrews on the occasion of his sabbatical at RISC in spring 1998. Partition Analysis is a computational method for solving problems in connection with linear homogeneous diophantine inequalities and equations, respectively. But as a matter of fact, MacMahon’s ideas have not received due attention with the exception of work by Richard Stanley. The object of the Omega project is to change this situation by demonstrating the power of MacMahon’s method in current combinatorial research.
Homepage: http://www.risc.jku.at/research/combinat/software/ergosum/RISC/Omega.html
Dependencies: Mathematica
Keywords: partitions; Omega calculus
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Cited in: 55 Publications

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