swMATH ID: 11891
Software Authors: Mäkelä, M.M.
Description: Multiobjective proximal bundle method for nonconvex nonsmooth optimization: Fortran subroutine MPBNGC 2.0. MPBNGC is a multiobjective proximal bundle method for nonconvex, nonsmooth (nondifferentiable) and generally constrained minimization. The software is free for academic teaching and research purposes but I ask you to refer at least one of the references given below if you use it. If you have any questions conserning the software, please contact directly the author Prof. Marko M. Mäkelä
Homepage: http://napsu.karmitsa.fi/proxbundle/
Related Software: PBNCGC; SolvOpt; GradSamp; LDGB; PNEW; QSM; BARON; L-BFGS; Ipopt; SDPT3; COCONUT; SeDuMi; SOCP; GLOPTLAB; lp_solve; PDCO; minpack; LINDO; MC++; libMC
Referenced in: 21 Publications

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