swMATH ID: 11900
Software Authors: D.-C. Dai et al.
Description: BlackMax: A black-hole event generator with rotation, recoil, split branes and brane tension. BlackMax is a comprehensive black-hole event generator, which simulates the experimental signature of microscopic and Planckian black-hole production and evolution at the LHC in the context of brane-world models with low-scale quantum gravity. The generator is based on phenomenologically realistic models free of serious problems that plague low-scale gravity, thus offering more realistic predictions for hadron-hadron colliders. The generator includes all of the black-hole gray-body factors known to date and incorporates the effects of black-hole rotation, splitting between the fermions, non-zero brane tension and black-hole recoil due to Hawking radiation (although not all simultaneously). BlackMax simulates only the production and decay of the black holes. It has been interfaced, via the Les Houches accord, to HERWIG and PYTHIA to perform the parton-shower evolution and hadronization of the partons produced in the decay. This is achieved either by directly calling the hadronisation event generators during event simulation, or by producing stand-alone BlackMax output in the Les Houches accord output text file format which can be used as input to Pythia / Herwig.
Homepage: http://blackmax.hepforge.org/
Related Software: CHARYBDIS2; Catfish; NINJA; PYTHIA8; CORSIKA
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