swMATH ID: 11918
Software Authors: Harris, C. M.; Richardson, P.; Webber, B. R.
Description: CHARYBDIS2 is the new version of the black hole event generator created in: C.M. Harris, P. Richardson and B.R. Webber, CHARYBDIS: A Black Hole Event Generator, JHEP 0308:033, hep-ph/0307305, 2003. This code simulates the production and decay of semi-classical microscopic black holes in proton-proton collisions in models with flat extra dimensions and TeV-scale gravity. The black holes are assumed to be produced well above the fundamental planck scale of the model so that the production is classically dominated. (i.e. the cross section is given by geometrical considerations). The decay is assumed to be dominated by Hawking radiation. For more details on the physical assumptions please refer to the papers in the References section and for details on the implementation please consult the Manual.
Homepage: https://charybdis2.hepforge.org/
Related Software: BlackMax; Catfish; CORSIKA; NINJA
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