swMATH ID: 11950
Software Authors: James, P., Trumble, M., Treharne, H., Roggenbach, M., Schneider, S.
Description: OnTrack: an open tooling environment for railway verification. The OnTrack toolset automates workflows for railway verification, starting with graphical scheme plans and finishing with automatically generated formal models set up for verification. OnTrack is grounded on an established domain specification language (DSL) and is generic in the formal specification languages used. Using a DSL allows the formulation of abstractions that work for verification in several formal specification languages. OnTrack has been developed as a collaboration between the University of Surrey (Matthew Trumble, Helen Treharne and Steve Schneider) and the University of Swansea (Phil James and Markus Roggenbach).
Homepage: http://www.csp-b.org/
Related Software: ModalCasl; PVSio-web; E Theorem Prover; Hets; SPASS; CASL
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