swMATH ID: 11964
Software Authors: King, James; Yakovlev, Sergey; Fu, Zhisong; Kirby, Robert M.; Sherwin, Spencer J.
Description: Exploiting batch processing on streaming architectures to solve 2D elliptic finite element problems: a hybridized discontinuous Galerkin (HDG) case study. Numerical methods for elliptic partial differential equations (PDEs) within both continuous and hybridized discontinuous Galerkin (HDG) frameworks share the same general structure: local (elemental) matrix generation followed by a global linear system assembly and solve. The lack of inter-element communication and easily parallelizable nature of the local matrix generation stage coupled with the parallelization techniques developed for the linear system solvers make a numerical scheme for elliptic PDEs a good candidate for implementation on streaming architectures such as modern graphical processing units (GPUs). We propose an algorithmic pipeline for mapping an elliptic finite element method to the GPU and perform a case study for a particular method within the HDG framework. This study provides comparison between CPU and GPU implementations of the method as well as highlights certain performance-crucial implementation details. The choice of the HDG method for the case study was dictated by the computationally-heavy local matrix generation stage as well as the reduced trace-based communication pattern, which together make the method amenable to the fine-grained parallelism of GPUs. We demonstrate that the HDG method is well-suited for GPU implementation, obtaining total speedups on the order of 30-35 times over a serial CPU implementation for moderately sized problems.
Homepage: http://www.nektar.info/
Keywords: high-order finite elements; spectral/\(hp\) elements; discontinuous Galerkin method; hybridization; streaming processors; graphical processing units (GPUs); parallel computation; Poisson equation; numerical examples; elliptic equations
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